Landowners of the Viking Prairie Estates

Betrayals Caught on Video

Here’s what you’ll see in the next video (below):

Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners meeting May 11, 2017

1. BOCC commissioners confirm they have NO authority to interfere in Coquina or the Sheriff’s enforcement issues.

2. They verify Coquina (CWCD) board's decided (Members Miles and Vincent) will ask Sheriff Stephen to stand down and lift his ATV ban.  

3. Commissioners Burroughs and Hazelief decided “NO WAY… We have to ban ATVs”.  So they colluded and schemed to pressure CWCD to ban ATVs.  Watch now… it was caught on camera May 11, 2017.

Coquina Water Control District Public Workshop Meeting May 5, 2017

CWCD agrees to re-open ATV riding in the Prairie!  

Watch below as board member Dorothy Miles confirms to landowners CWCD will officially ask Sheriff Stephen to LIFT the ATV ban.  And landowners' attorney Scott Fitzpatrick RE-AFFIRMED her commitment!  This is the 1st promise that's going to be broken.... all caught on video.


Coquina Water Control District Board Meeting May 12, 2017

Caught on camera...CWCD board member Mike Vincent exposes Dorothy Miles' betrayal as she broke her word from a week earlier.   Watch below.  

Bait and Switch.  CWCD members Miles and Danny Faircloth, under pressure from the county commissioners, cave in and reverse direction.  Watch this video below expose their scheme to force an outright ban on all ATV riding.  The scheme includes a mystery document drafted in secret and presented as a surprise during the meeting.  Landowner Jim Griffith destroys the document by revealing its legal flaws.

Shut Up! CWCD board and staff don't like hearing other viewpoints.  Watch what happens below when Landowner Jim Griffith exposes their push of an unpopular postion using a flawed legal document.

This is the exact moment when local citizens feel they got steamrolled, angry that an ATV riding ban got shoved down their throats.

Attorney Young failed to deliver on every one of the commitments he made.


At that moment, the sheriff stepped in and offered a forum for all to be heard.  Sounds good, right? Watch his promise in the video below.

It never happened.  Another promise broken.

Threat letter:

Ban ATVs or We'll Alert the Governor


UPDATE: Sheriff will attend a public workshop January 25, 2018.