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Lawsuit Demands Sheriff  Stop Unlawful ATV Ban

Landowners of the Viking Prairie Applaud Coquina Water Control District's Lawsuit Against Okeechobee Sheriff to Stop Unlawful ATV Ban

June 4, 2019 (Okeechobee, FL)

Today the Coquina Water Control District (CWCD) filed a lawsuit against the Okeechobee County Sheriff, Noel Stephen, at the request of the landowners of the Viking Prairie Subdivision. The lawsuit demands the Sheriff lift his order banning landowners from operating Off-Highway and All-Terrain vehicles (OHV/ATV) on their private property.

The lawsuit claims Sheriff Stephen's ban of OHV/ATV use on private property is unlawful and the ban is prohibiting landowners and the CWCD “recreational use” of their property and exercise of their real property rights.

The lawsuit asks the court to affirm the lands are private property, not public property or public roads.  The third count of the suit asks the court to affirm that CWCD does have authority under Florida law to designate certain parts of its land for recreational use.

Landowners in the District directed the CWCD to take all necessary means to restore their rights to ride ATV/OHVs by unanimous vote during the annual landowners meeting October 26, 2018.  Download a copy of the lawsuit here.

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